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Prayer Walking Around MHNaz

(This was submitted by one of our members as an example of how one can prayer walk the church property.)


Start in the parking lot at the beginning of the sidewalk leading from the parking lot to the main sidewalk on the west side.  As you slowly walk away from the church, pray for our mission to reach the community and those around us.

Turn right when you reach the main sidewalk.  Take a few steps and then stop.  Now pray for the cities and people living to the west of our church, including those on the west side of Madison Heights, Royal Oak, and Clawson.

As you continue your walk, pray for those across the street in the New Horizons building.

When you get to the northwest corner of our grounds, stop and pray for the neighborhood just behind the church.

Turn right, leave the sidewalk and walk along the grass in the back of our property.  When you get even with the church address, stop, turn to the north (looking away from the church), and pray for Troy to the north of us.

Continue walking toward the east until you are even with the end of the parking lot.  Then turn right and walk to the edge of the parking lot.  Please pray for the finances needed to repair the parking. Also pray that more would come to fill the parking lot and worship with us.

Walk along the edge of the parking lot a while and then stop and turn to the east.  Now pray for those who live to the east of the church including the communities of Warren and Sterling Heights.

Continue walking along the parking lot until you are even with the back of the church.  Then turn right and walk to the church.  Now pray for our services and all that goes on in the sanctuary.  Pray for the pastor and the worship team.

Make a left and start walking along the side of the church.  As you look up, you will see the repairs that need to be made.  Please pray for the church building, that we will be able to repair and maintain it, and that God will provide the necessary finances to keep the building viable as a meeting and worship center for us and the community.

Walk to the next corner of the building.  As you look at the church sign, pray for our worship and Sunday School services some more.  Pray that we will be able to serve the community better, especially Madison Heights.

Turn right at the corner and walk along the front side.  Stop at the cross.  Spend some time in personal prayer to Our Savior.  Pray that as a church we might act as the hands and feet of Jesus.  That we would focus as individuals and as a church body in walking as Jesus walked.  

Walk a little farther and stop and turn to the south.  Pray for the people to the south of us, southern Madison Heights and Hazel Park.

Keep walking until near the corner.  Now go around the evergreen trees there and stop in front of them,  Pray for the health of the church and for the individual health needs of our members.  

Now walk along this side of the church.  When you get about halfway, stop and pray for the children and teens and our efforts to work in teaching them to lead Christ-like lives.

Continue walking.  Turn right at the corner of the building.  After taking a few steps, stop and pray for the work of the ministry team, the record keeping and book keeping, and for all those who come to visit pastor in his office.

Now walk to the church entrance area.  Pray that people will be drawn in by the Holy Spirit, that they will be warmly received by the church body, and that they will be blessed by their experiences here.  Pray that the Lord brings in the people He chooses to bolster the membership with their gifts and graces.  

This concludes our tour. Take a few more minutes to pray for whatever is on your heart.  Thank you.

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